All My Adventures in the World’s Longest Episode

August 28, 2020

In this episode of The Radio Vagabond, join me as I roam around in Europe where you will get the entire fourth season as one long episode.

The longest episode ever in history?

Before we kick off the next season of The Radio Vagabond, where I will be roaming around in Europe, you will get the entire fourth season as one long episode. And this is something that has become an attempt to set a World Record.

And the good part is that there will be no interruptions from my sponsor and any other plugs for Facebook and all the other bits and pieces where you might look for the skip 15 seconds button. This is 100% all travel content seamlessly edited together so you won’t even know when we go from one of the previous episodes to the next.

This is one long episode and after I edited, I thought that this might just be the longest single podcast episode in podcasting history. And I think it is. I found one that was recording podcast for 36 hours straight but that was released as 36 episodes.

I also asked three of the leading podcast experts in the world if they had heard of one that was longer. And they hadn’t. So now I’ve submitted it to Guinness Book of World Records and asked them to look into it.

Anyway, all that isn’t really that important for you as a listener.

Here it is. Join my trip through Africa starting in Fez in North-Western Africa and ending up as I leave South Africa. A five-month journey in a little more than 12 hours. This is an episode that is good for a lazy Sunday or a long road trip of your own.


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