META MONDAY: Gene Baxter interviews me on Podcast Radio

August 17, 2020

Welcome to Meta-Monday. In this episode, Gene Baxter interviews me from his radio station called Podcast Radio.

META: Gene Baxter Interviews me on Podcast Radio

This special bonus episode will so much meta on so many levels.

Let me start by rewinding about a year back. I was approached by someone who was in the process of starting a brand-new radio station in the UK. The plan was to build their programming around good podcasts from around the world. And they said that they would like to have The Radio Vagabond on the program.

I thought it sounded quite exciting and different – so I said I was in. And right from the launch of the radio station in February, The Radio Vagabond has been a part of the program daily.

Podcast Radio 

The station is called Podcast Radio and they broadcast online to the whole world and on DAB radio in London, Surrey, Manchester & Glasgow.
In between the various handpicked podcasts, they do news and interviews. And one of their hosts is a radio legend. Literally.

Bean from the radio hall of fame

His name is Gene Baxter – and went by the artist name Bean for many years. He is an Anglo-American born and raised in West Yorkshire, England. When he was 15, the family moved to the United States and he started doing radio.
For about 30 years he was part of a legendary morning show “Kevin & Bean” on an at least as legendary radio station… KROQ in Los Angeles.
It was such a huge success that in 2015 they were inducted into the National Association of Broadcasters Hall of Fame. That’s a huge deal, so he’s truly a legend.
In March 2019, Bean announced that he would stop later in the year and move home to England with his wife. Because even though he sounds very American, he also feels very British.
Now he is one of the hosts on Podcast Radio. And as you will hear, he is an amazing natural talent behind a microphone – and I was honoured to speak to one of my personal heroes in the industry I have worked in since 1985.
So welcome to Meta-Monday… Here is an interview with me… so an old radio dude being interviewed by another old radio dude… from a radio station that broadcasts this podcast and now this interview is here too. It will not be more meta than this.
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