All My Adventures in Africa

This the entire Season 4 as one long episode. Possible the longest single episode in podcasting history.

Podcast #124 – Massive Detour to Get to Guinea

Friends told me that going overland into Guinea could easily get me held up by the police for no other reason than they wanted a bribe. So they recommended that I went all the way back to Dakar in Senegal and take a flight to Conakry. They also said that they didn’t really like the …

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Podcast #117 – Welcome to Senegal

. In last weeks episode, we were making our way down through The Sahara Dessert. And our plans kept changing. Partly because of me recovering from my pneumonia and partly because promises weren’t kept. We weren’t picked up and driven down to the capital of Mauritania in a nice big Mercedes – just the two …

Podcast #117 – Welcome to Senegal Read More & Listen

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