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Meet Palle Bo

A Personal Story

Some might mistakenly call it a midlife crisis; others – a call to the wild. But, when at the age of 50, Palle Bo strapped his microphone and a few essentials to his back, headed straight for the airport and jumped on the next flight out of Denmark, he knew it was a midlife calling.

Having spent 30+ years in radio, Palle realised that only his voice had reached the farthest corners of the globe. Now he wanted to go there himself. So, he sold his car, home, and furniture and said goodbye to his routine existence. He knew it was a ‘now or never’ moment: he had to head out into the world and take a big gulp out of the jug of life. “Bottom’s up,” he thought as the plane took off.

When he landed in Tallin, Estonia, Palle was a different man. Somewhere over the Baltic Sea, he decided to become a digital nomad – in other words, he started living.

Since then, this dapper Danish vagabond and his microphone have travelled to 118 UN Nations and a handful of other countries, documenting his extraordinary experiences for the benefit of his loyal listeners.

Cover art for episode 271 from Uganda.
Cover art for episode 271 from Uganda.

Personal with His Listeners

He is still being very personal with his listeners on The Radio Vagabond. By being very honest about both the ups and downs of living a full-time life on the road builds a connection with the audience. 

By being personal, the listeners see him as almost a friend and not just a disembodied voice. This builds loyalty – and they follow him to the end of the world.


Travel Tips and Inspiration

The Radio Vagabond is packed with inspiration and travel tips, and many listeners say that they use episodes from The Radio Vagabond for ideas on what to see and experience in a country. Some even said they changed their travel plans after listening to an episode. 

Cover art for episode 284 from Bolivia.
Cover art for episode 284 from Bolivia.

What Makes The Radio Vagabond Unique

The Radio Vagabond is a very unique travel podcast, as it contains a lot of field recordings from the places Palle Bo visits. This highly edited style with sound design combined with storytelling and and background music makes it very immersive and transports the listeners to places. 

It’s also a travel blog with longer articles, pictures, and even videos for followers who also would like to see what it actually looks like.

Also, The Radio Vagabond is on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, Twitter/X, and LinkedIn

Travel Tips and Inspiration

The podcast is packed with inspiration and travel tips, and many listeners say that they use episodes from The Radio Vagabond for ideas on what to see and experience in a country. 

Some even said they changed their travel plans after listening to an episode. 


The Radio Vagabond podcast is the ultimate destination for armchair travellers who are looking for inspiration to get out into the real world and let loose their wanderlust.


Expose people to the world around them through a world-class travel podcast that is culturally sensitive and incredibly entertaining.

Cover art for episode 254 from Saudi Arabia.
Cover art for episode 254 from Saudi Arabia.


Through the creation of a fearless and socially conscious travel podcast, The Radio Vagabond builds a world full of discovery and excitement for audiences across the globe.


Courageous in the face of the unknown.


A space where people from different walks of life find common ground


To shine a line on real stories from across the globe

Who Is Palle Bo?

Marketing Background

Palle’s background is in advertising. First as a graphic designer and then as one of the leading experts in Europe on radio advertising. This marketing background proved to be a useful skill when working with brands. 

See more on Radioguru.co.uk


The Radio Vagabond was named “Travel Podcaster of The Year 2024” by LuxLife Magazine. 

In 2007, he founded the production company RadioGuru and won the Prix Radio Award for “Best Radio Commercial of the Year” five times in Denmark, the Creative Circle Award twice, and has been a finalist at the Cannes Lions.

Digital Nomad

Today he runs his production company as a digital nomad, and for years he’s producing podcasts for companies like Ramboll and The LEGO Group. He’s also the co-host and producer of the official TBEX podcast, Travel Matters.

Click here to see more about Palle Bo.


Explore four different listener profiles and why they listen.


SOURCE: Infinite Dial  from Edison Research

The Radio Vagabond downloads

The Radio Vagabond has been downloaded in 170 countries worldwide, but the two biggest continents for listeners are Europe and North America.

SOURCE: Libsyn

Listener survey

85.5% of the listeners are 35 or older. 58% are 50+.

A slight overweight of male listeners.

Does podcast advertising work?

Only 24.6% of listeners often or always skip ads.

79% of the listeners have heard of the sponsor on The Radio Vagabond.

And almost 30% of them have actually used it.

What does The Radio Vagabond sound like?

The best way to get a sense of the podcast is, obviously to listen to it. Here are a few short clips so you can sample it.

Luxury in the Jungle

Clip from episode #119 (2:02). Working with Mandina River Lodges, The Gambia, Africa.

Mandina River Lodges are hidden in the African bush at the River Gambia and are more peaceful and unique than I could ever imagine. Link to the full episode here.

Ridee Viharaya – The Silver Temple

Clip from episode #140 (2:15). Working with Sri Lanka Tourism.

When I was at Ridee Viharaya (the Silver Temple), I went for a walk around the complex, describing what I saw. I got to meet the leading monk and talk about the free pilgrim rest stays this Buddhist temple offers. Link to full episode here.

Diving with Sardines

Clip from episode #012 (2:32). Working with Bohol Dive Center, The Philippines.

In this episode, I visit two islands in The Philippines: Cebu and Bohol. In the clip you can hear me talk about a unique experience going scuba diving. Link to full episode here.

Hot Air Ballooning over Temples

Clip from episode #035 (2:33). Working with Ankor Ballooning, Cambodia.

In this episode, I visit the Ankor Wat temples in Cambodia and go flying in a hot-air balloon with “Ankor Ballooning”. Link to full episode here.

Stunning View from Shirley Heights

Clip from episode #131 (2:53). Working with Antigua & Barbuda Tourism.

The view from Shirley Heights on Antigua is spectacular, and every night it draws a crowd for that view. Join me with a steel band in the background. Link to full episode here.

Unique Local Experiences in Sri Lanka

Clip from episode #142 (3:07). Working with Sri Lanka Tourism.

In this (one of many) episodes from Sri Lanka, In this clip we visit a small village in the forest to see how traditional food is cooked. Link to full episode here.

All-inclusive in Antigua

Clip from episode #130 (3:44). Working with Verandah Resort, Antigua & Barbuda.

On a press trip in 2019 to Antigua & Barbuda in the Caribbean, we stayed at an all-inclusive resort. In this clip you can hear me describing the place. Link to full episode here.

Find more short clips here – or subscribe to The Radio Vagabond in your favourite podcast app. See the list of apps below.

Work With Me

Here is what The Radio Vagabond offers brands and destinations. 


Press Trips / FAM Trips

I will join trips and do tour descriptions and accommodation reviews. This will both be as podcast episodes and lengthy articles on the blog:

Sri Lanka, 2019

Podcast Episodes

The highly edited and engaging podcast episodes from destinations and/or attractions will inspire listeners to go.

Muscat, Oman
Muscat, Oman, 2019

Blog Coverage

Typically, 1500-2000 words per post with photos and videos embedded. The blog posts include links to participating partners. 


Podcast Advertising 

The podcast can have host-read ads and spots – or you can be mentioned as a sponsor of specific episode(s). This can be as:

  • Pre-roll ads, which run before the content starts
  • Mid-roll ads that run in the middle of the episode
  • Post-roll ads, which run after an episode ends.
Machu Picchu, Peru
Machu Picchu, Peru, 2018

Brand Ambassadorship

If it’s a good fit and relevant, The Radio Vagabond will be an ambassador for your brand. This could be travel gear, websites, accessories, or destinations.

Banner Ads on Blog

Many different options for this. It could be in specific blog posts or on just about every page of the blog. The same goes for affiliate links. 


Social Media

Coverage and sponsored posts on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, and Twitter/X

Egypt, 2020

Photo and Video Content

Although I’m not a professional photographer, you might also be interested in some of my pictures and videos. Including drone shots.

The Great Wall of China
The Great Wall of China, 2017

Lets Talk

Open to new ideas

Let’s have a brainstorm and come up with something unique for you.

I’m open to new ideas as long as it’s relevant content for my audience and The Radio Vagabond brand.

El Salvador
El Salvador, 2021

Branded Podcast Production

As a professional podcast producer,  I can produce and launch your own branded podcast. This is what I do in my production company, RadioGuru.

See more on Radioguru.co.uk
See more on Radioguru.co.uk
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