AFRICA: Heading from The Gambia to Senegal

April 11, 2019


I’ve been to Senegal before, but that was in Dakar in the northern part of the country. After a week in The Gambia in the middle of Senegal I’m heading further south to the beach town, Cap Skirring in the southern part of the country.

Before I leave Banjul, I talk to the Polish hostel-owner, Marek about how he ended up right here after years as a full-time traveler.

On the trip down to Cap Skirring I travel with another Danish guy, Alex, who just happened to go the same way.

I enjoy Cap Skirring so much that I decide to extend my stay with another week. So I go looking for another place with better wifi.


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Marek – the Polish hostel owner in Banjul, The Gambia
My new Danish friend Alex waiting for the minibus to fill up so we can continue.
My view from the front seat in the “Sept Place”.
At the border getting the stamps.
This is where I got my clothe washed.



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