From Wall Street (with a tie) to The Nomad Life – Tarek Part 1

June 28, 2020

In this episode of The Radio Vagabond, I talk to Tarek, who worked as a corporate employee on Wall Street a few years ago before he made a life change and became a nomad.

This and the next episode are about a nomad called Tarek Kholoussy, recorded in two continents. In Brazil and Bali.

Tarek’s life had taken a huge turn a few years back, and today and tomorrow you will hear about that. This is the first half of Tarek’s story, and get ready to meet a super interesting guy.  It’s a story about change, about goals being fulfilled, signs from the universe, and a bit of serendipity.



Here is Tarek’s talk on Nomad Cruise where he introduced his thoughts about starting Nomads Giving Back.

We start in Bali, where I’m at the beach having a cold beer with my good friend Tarek; and then we jump to Brazil, let me describe Tarek for you: He’s got long hair tied up in a man-bun and a short beard. He’s always wearing relaxed clothes. Often a t-shirt with colourful decorations, and always bands on his arms.

I feel it’s relevant for you to get a mental picture of what he looks like now – because it was very different a few years earlier when he was a corporate employee on Wall Street when he lived in New York City. He was working for Goldman Sachs, was trading stocks, where he wore a tie.


Then, 4 years ago, he made a change in his life and became a nomad. And made three goals a thousand days before turning 40.

  • Running 25 Marathons.
  • Visiting 100 countries.
  • Starting a social enterprise.

And those three goals are coming true one by one. When we got to Brazil Tarek had just visited his country number 100.

In the conversation, I said that I would go to Bali next year and stay longer. And that’s exactly what I did – and where I met Tarek again.

In the second half of the interview with Tarek (tomorrow), we’ll hear about the social enterprise he started called Nomads Giving Back. That whole thing started just a few days earlier on the Nomad Cruise that brought us to Brazil. We’ll also get to hear what has happened since then and why he’s here in Bali right now

So much more to come in the next episode tomorrow.

My name is Palle Bo see you tomorrow.


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