Sean Tierney is Slowmadic

March 13, 2020

In this episode of The Radio Vagabond, I speak to Sean Tierney who I met through Nomad Cruise, and he has an interesting story to share. Sean is also a podcaster and he travels slowly.
Today we’re meeting Sean Tierney. I got to know him through Nomad Cruise and he’s got an interesting story, that he’s sharing with us today.

After Nomad Cruise X we both ended up in Bali and got to hang out even more.

He’s also nomadic like me. Well, partly nomadic now. We started around the same time but he travels slower than me – hence the title “Sean Tierney is Slowmadic”.

He’s also a podcaster. He does the Nomad Podcast – and actually I’m a guest on that one also today.

Recently he quit his day job and went fulltime on an initiative called Charity Makeover, where he facilitates that people with different skills get together and find out ways to help local charities.

This is really awesome and everything is something we will get into in this chat with my good friend Sean Tierney.



Charity Makeover is a grassroots movement of doers around the world organizing hackathons to fundamentally change the game for local charities.
Their website sums it up in a few lines what they do:
“You have a unique gift. And it’s the best charitable contribution you can make.
Anyone can donate money to support a charity. What if instead you could work alongside other talented knowledge workers and contribute your unique skill set to help improve how that charity functions?”

If you think this sounds interesting go to CharityMakeover.org and see how you can get involved.



We didn’t even get into this in the interview, but Sean also helps aspiring nomads take the leap with his Nomad Prep.


Watch Sean’s keynote on Nomad Cruise X here
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