Life in a hostel i “Partyslava”

October 30, 2016

In this episode of The Radio Vagabond, I visited Bratislava and worried how he would stay in a hostel with 20-something backpackers. I also had a chat with one of the locals about the Soviet times.

I jumped on the train from Budapest, arrived at Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia to check into a hostel. I had a few concerns about the decision to stay at a youth hostel. Like, would I feel too old compared the the 20-something backpackers and how would it be to stay in a dorm without my private space? But most of all I wanted the experience to see if this would be a good way to meet new friends.

And it was.

In this episode, I meet Perry from California, Dries and Thijs from Belgium and Max, Rachel and Jason from Australia.

I also have a chat with one of the locals, Roman Flebo about the Soviet times, about his encounters with the Russian Mafia and life in Bratislava in general.



Max, Rachael & Jason
Roman Flebo

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