Podcast #007 – Cruisin’ In Abu Dhabi

November 3, 2016

Abu Dhabi is the capital of the Emirates and by far the biggest and the richest of the 7 Emirates. The city itself is smaller than Dubai, but they have the most oil and therefore the most money, even though you can’t call Dubai poor.
I met a fellow Dane, Peter Falck, and he’s one of the many non-emirates who lives and works in the UAE. In fact, 80% of the residents in the Emirates are expats. Not locals.

Peter moved there five years ago and agreed to take me for a drive around the city to tell me more about what kind of place this is.

abudhabi_05 abudhabi_07 abudhabi_08 abudhabi_09 abudhabi_06 abudhabi_10 abudhabi_12

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