Tony Giles, a Blind and Deaf Traveller

December 28, 2022

In this episode, you can meet Tony Giles, who is totally blind and 80% deaf on both ears.
But that doesn’t stop him from seeing the world travelling alone.

Traveling the World Alone

We’ve got one more conversation from Extraordinary Travel Festival, and I don’t think I’m offending any of my other guests by saying that I’ve saved the best for last. In fact, I’m sure they’d all agree.

Because the guest today is not only an inspiration for us all and especially someone who would say, “oh, I can’t go there alone because of this, that, or the other”.

100% Blind and 80% Deaf

Out of all the extreme travellers I met at the festival, my last guest in this miniseries with interviews from Armenia totally stands out.

He’s very well-travelled – he had been to 128 UN Nations when I met him in October, but that’s not what makes him unique. Tony is totally blind and 80% deaf in both ears. But that doesn’t stop him from seeing the world.

Most of the time, he travels alone. He doesn’t have a seeing-eye dog or an aid to warn him where there’s an obstacle or a hole in the pavement … or which local bus to get on, even in countries where most people don’t speak English.

How and Why?

The first time I heard of him, I thought of two questions: First of all, why? He can’t possibly get anything out of it when he can’t see the view. And secondly: How is that even possible?

Listen to the episode to hear that Tony gets so much out of his travels – which aligns very well with the rest of us: Meeting the locals, and learning about their way of living and the sounds and the smells of the place. Everything except the one thing of being able to see the place.

The Power of the Senses

Tony has a special gift. He’s able to sense a room without being able to see it. And I test that when I ask him to describe the room we’re in. A room he’s never seen. Hear how he gets it spot-on.

Tony the Author

Tony has written and published three eBooks about his adventures: “Seeing the World My Way”, “Seeing the Americas My Way”, and “Seeing a Slice of Southern Africa My Way”. You can order the books on Tony’s website, TonyTheTraveller.com.

He’s also a public speaker, and you can see his TEDx talk here.

My Christmas present to you

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