Podcast #156 – Dedicates His Life to Saving the Children in Cape Town

Welcome to the second half of my visit to a child and youth care centre in Cape Town.If you haven’t heard the first half, you should listen to that one first. And then you will know that Florian Kraemer, the CEO and founder of this place called Vulamasango is so passionate about caring for these kids. He goes out of his way to do what is right.

He tells about a specific girl in the children’s home and how far he went in her case. Her mother who was an alcoholic – and regularly he had to take her to the police station to sign papers. Like, when they take the children overseas on the tours they have to get the visas and the parents permission. He ended up adopting that child personally.

In this episode, we go for a walk around the area and see how the kids live and get to hear some more mind-blowing South African statistics. And Florian tells me how he was highjacked and nearly killed in a township at some point.

At the end of this episode, I check in with Florian again here in March 2020 to hear how they are coping with the Corona Virus in Vulamasango and hear Florian’s thoughts on the situation in the poor townships.

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