Robin is a different kind of full-time traveller

March 5, 2020

Join me on a flight to Kathmandu, where I meet a young guy named Robin, and we become instant friends.

Recently I was in Dubai and heading to Kathmandu in Nepal. On the flight next to me was a young guy with one of the friendliest smiles I’ve seen in a long time.

On the flight, we became instant friends and decided to hang out some more when we got to Kathmandu.
That young guy was Robin from Germany.
This is an interview episode and you do not want to miss this one, because Robin is a very different type of full-time traveler than most of us. And the way he travels has really inspired me a lot for my future adventures.
Robin Ey Manni is 28 years old and has been traveling full-time for seven years.

I also met Robin’s Nepalese friend, A Jay. He is really a nice guy and Robin sees him as a friend for life and a second home.

A Jay went out of his way to show us around and I’m still in contact with him.

If you are going to Nepal, reach out to A Jay. He enjoys getting visits from travellers. He just bought his own tuk-tuk and will be able to take you around. He would be a great guide and you could pay him a bit so he can support his family.

He’s a proud man and probably will say that he doesn’t want your money, so you might need to persuade him.

He’s called A Jay Uni on Instagram and Facebook.


A Jay blander sig i snakken
A Jay on the mic.

You can also reach him on WhatsApp on +977 981-4471341. Just tell him I sent you.

You can follow Robin on Instagram as The_Life_of_Robinson.

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