Humans of New York (1:2)

November 14, 2018

Here is a special episode that I chose to call Humans of New York The Podcast.

Here I ask the same five questions to six very different New Yorkers.
  • Rafael, a Columbian that moved here when he was three.
  • Bill, a 34 year-old New Yorker that I met one morning when I was taking a walk by the river.
  • Cecilie, a 30-something Danish artist and singer songwriter that moved here to New York 6 years ago.
  • Brian, a guy in the music industry that discovered Nora Jones.
  • Fran, a music producer
  • Elias, a caterer that is born in the Dominican Republic.
In this episode you will get the answers to the first three questions:
  1. What’s the best part about living in New York?
  2. What’s the worst part about living here?
  3. If you were supreme leader of the city what would be your first executive order?
Part 2 will be out in a few days.
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