A Couple of Dreams

August 13, 2018

In this interview episode of The Radio Vagabond, I interviewed five travel bloggers from Israel, New Zealand, USA, Puerto Rico and England.
Welcome to a special week on The Radio Vagabond Podcast – before I continue on my journey next Monday from Nicaragua.
From today until Friday you will get a new episode every day. Five conversations I had with travel bloggers that I met a conference in The Czech Republic recently.
I will speak to wonderful talented people from Israel, New Zealand, USA, Puerto Rico and England.
Meet Adam Rikys from Bucketvision, the legend Gary Arndt, Jennifer Ruiz from Jen on a Jetplane and Mike Huxley fra The Bemused Backpacker.
Today I speak to the Youtubers Ashley Fairfield and Rotem Metuki from A Couple of Dreams. The first time I met them was in South Africa where we stayed at the same hostel.
Thank you to Ashley & Rotem from A Couple of Dreams. Find deres YouTube channel here.
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Music with license from FindTheTune.com
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