Curtin, An American Rex

December 28, 2018

In this interview podcast of The Radio Vagabond, I interview full-time traveller, Greg, who goes by the name of Curtin.
I know that I promised you an interview with Tarek, but some exiting stuff is happening right now, that I wanted to get into that episode. So Tarek and I have decided to wait a bit, and save it for later so we get everything in there when I publish that episode. Trust me: It’s well worth waiting for.
Instead, here is another conversation with a full-time traveler, and this guy is quite a character with an interesting story.
His name is Greg, but he goes by the name of Curtin. He’s not like most people, and is very spontaneous when he makes decisions. Even big ones.
In this episode you can hear how he ended up in Europe playing rugby, which is not so typical for an American. Also how he spent very little time deciding to move from China to Uganda. And much more.
Curtins website AmericaRex.com
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