Maverick Matt Bowles

December 21, 2018

In this podcast interview of The Radio Vagabond, I speak to Matt Bowles about travelling, loneliness, networks, podcasting, the art of travelling with carry on luggage only and so much more.

Monday morning the new season of the regular travel shows in The Radio Vagabond Podcast will begin. You can join my adventures in Africa and we begin in Morocco.

At the same time you will get interesting conversations every Friday and this is the first. All of these interviews have been recorded recently when I joined The Nomad Cruise across the Atlantic. In fact this one is recorded in the middle of the ocean.

Meet Matt Bowles. He has been a full-time nomad for five years. We talk about ways of traveling, loneliness, networks, podcasting, the art of traveling with carry-on luggage only and about a giant table-top espresso maker. And much more.

In the conversation we also talk about different communities for nomads, and if you would like to join here are a few links that will get you a discount on your membership:

“Remote Year” ($200 discount): Click here.
“Hackers Paradise” ($100 discount): Click here.

Other networks/communities for nomads: Nomad Cruise and WiFi Tribe.
You can access Matt’s video on packing and see links to all his stuff by signing up to his newsletter on MaverickNomadLife.com. Here you can also see the bicycle pump espresso maker, he is talking about.

Disclosure: Some of these links are affiliate links where Matt makes a little bit. But it doesn’t make it more expensive for you.

Listen and subscribe to Matt’s podcast The Maverick Show by searching for it in your favourite podcast app. I will be a guest there in the near future.

And finally: Link to Matt’s company, Maverick Investor Group.


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