It Was So Much Fun – But Now I Feel So Ashamed

February 12, 2018

In this podcast episode, I travel to the Bahamas, swim with dolphins, and meet Gail Woon, who used to be a dolphin trainer.
On Grand Bahama I decided to go swimming with dolphins with the company UNEXSO. It was an amazing experience.
Now I found out that it is very wrong to do this, partly because of the way they are being captured and the way they are kept in captivity.
Join me on the experience, and then listen to my conversation with Gail Woon from Grand Bahama. She used to be a dolphin trainer at UNEXSO.
Today she’s an anti captivity activist, and she can tell us a lot about why we shouldn’t support the industri that keeps these beautiful intelligent animals in captivity.
You should also read an article from Huffington Post about Gail Woon’s work by clicking here. And if you click here you can see a clip from 60 Minutes about Taiji in Japan. A place they call “The Killing Cove”.


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