Eating Blood With the Locals

January 18, 2017

Join me in this episode of The Radio Vagabond in Taiwan where I met a wonderful B&B host family, tried Stinky Tofu and visited the famous Night Market in Hualien to eat blood. I also visited the Taroko National Park.
I am still in Taiwan but I have moved on from Taipei to Xincheng Township in the north of Hualien County. Here I meet the wonderful B&B host family, try Stinky Tofu, visit the famous Night Market in Hualien and eat blood. I also finally get an answer to my confusion about the trash from last weeks episode.
But the highlight of my time in Taiwan however is when I visit Taroko National Park.
This is how it looked at the booking site.
Then I looked at Google Street View
The view from my room.

taiwan_04 taiwan_05 taiwan_06 taiwan_07 taiwan_08 taiwan_09

Youngest and oldest generation of the B&B.


Epec & Penny – my new Taiwanese friends.

taiwan_11 taiwan_12 taiwan_14

Pigblood on a stick.


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