Hong Kong Is Not China?

January 2, 2017

Join me in this episode of The Radio Vagabond on my next journey as I travel to Hong Kong and overcome the struggles of “man-flu”.

I have landed in a city that technically doesn’t belong to any country: Hong Kong. Well not quite true – they belong to China, but is a special administrative region. The city that is currently suffering under some pretty violent demonstrations caused by the Chinese interference.

Come along as I overcome the struggles of a “man-flu” and go to a bunch of secret local places with my Airbnb host, Andre, and see both skyscrapers but also beautiful nature and mountain scenery.

hong_kong_04 hong_kong_03 hong_kong_02 hong_kong_12 hong_kong_05 hong_kong_10 hong_kong_11 hong_kong_08 hong_kong_09 hong_kong_06 hong_kong_07 hong_kong_13 hong_kong_01

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