Podcast #040 – I Took My Daughter to North Korea

I took my daughter to North Korea – or as they call themselves: Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea.

In this episode, you can join us to a crazy dictatorship where the supreme leaders are seen as demi-gods.

At the border both me and my daughter are getting the big search, we meet the locals and visit many of the biggest attractions in the capital, Pyongyang.

The DPRK is a very interesting place to visit. In many ways, it’s a modern place and also it’s like stepping back in time. And it’s a place with many rules of how to behave.
We were traveling with Young Pioneer Tours, the same company that did the trip with Otto Wambier. Actually one of the Australian guides was on the trip with Otto. I speak to him about what happened.
Also, I might have done something myself that could have landed me in prison.
All this and much more in this episode.
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